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How much can I earn?

All depends on the quantity and quality of traffic you direct to the given product, the best partners earn more than EUR 5.000 per month.

What products will I be promoting?

The product range is constantly updated, our team works on adding new products at least several times per year. The current range of products for promotion is available after logging in, in your user's panel.

Why do I choose MixProfit?

Because our team consists of specialists, who have extensive experience in numerous markets - not only in Europe. was created from combining knowledge and capabilities - which we share with our partners.

How can I additionally profit from referrals?

It's easy! We will pay you even 15% commission from earnings of each partner you recommend, just download your link from the panel and start inviting partners.

Is it safe?

Yes, using the affiliate program is not connected to any fees. You can promote safe, laboratory-tested products without any limitations.

Are there any limitations?

There are no limitations, we can ship even 30.000 products per day, everywhere in the world. The only thing we need is your traffic, and we will pay honest commissions for it.

How can I promote products?

Most partners build their own websites, where we promote products, and then they redirect users to purchase with the use of their advertisement code. This is the most effective method, however another method which works well is mass-mailing sent to large databases.
You can use any promotion method, we do not enforce any limitations on how you promote products. Your method must just be legal.

Can I count on your help in product promotion?

Each partner has an assigned patron, who is always happy to help and ready to give advice. Should you have specific questions, proposals - contact your patron or send us an e-mail, we will definitely help.

How to increase my earnings?

The answer is quite simple - direct good-quality traffic to our websites, try creating new traffic sources. The more traffic, the higher the commission you receive; some partners achieve a 1:15 ratio (1 sale per 15 visits) on very high-quality traffic - coming from their own, effective and good sites.

How often are the statistics updated?

We do our best to present re-direction statistics on an ongoing basis, and when sales is concerned (conversion) - it is validated on an individual basis, commissions are calculated with a 6-hour delay.

What are the costs of participation in the MixProfit program?

There are none - participation in the program is free of charge. As a partner, you receive tools, thanks to which you can effectively promote products and make a profit.

What are the requirements I need to meet in order to participate in the mixprofit program?

You do not need to meet any specific requirements - anyone can become a partner, we accept both companies and private persons, who do not have their businesses.

Do I need to have a website?

No, you can promote products without having a website e.g. on bulletin boards or in social media services. However, if you wish to earn high profits, create your own websites promoting our products and profit from good-quality traffic.

What are the highest commissions in the mixprofit affiliate program?

The commission in our affiliate program amounts to a staggering 35% from each product sale. If a person from your website purchases our product valued at e.g. EUR 120, you will receive EUR 42 commission. This is the highest possible rate on the market.

Will I lose my commission if the client utilizes their satisfaction guarantee (returns the product)?

No, we treat our partners and customers seriously. The commission will not be calculated ONLY if a customer fails to collect his package at all, even if a customer returns a product under the guarantee, you will receive a commission!

How can I pay out the collected funds?

Payouts in the affiliate program are periodical, they are effected automatically on the 15th day of the following month. So, if you earn EUR 5.500 in January, you will receive your commission on February 15th. Payout will automatically appear in the "Payout"s tab in your panel, just remember to verify you have entered to correct money transfer data in your account's settings. The minimum payout amount is EUR 100.

Do I need to sign an agreement in order to join the affiliate program?

No, it is not necessary - acceptance and execution of the agreement are electronic. If you're a company, then you should issue a VAT invoice for the amount you are debited in your bank account.

Where can links and materials necessary for the promotion of products be found?

All the materials can be found after logging in your account, in the partner's panel. Should you have any doubts about which form to choose, please contact our patron or write us an e-mail.

Will contact information of partners and customers I recommend be made available to me?

No, we cannot provide any customer or partner information to any third company. Data is used only by us for the purpose of order completion. Our privacy policy forbids us to store, record and transfer data to other companies.

Is there a deadline after which I loose my commission?

No, money you earn never becomes void - it is constantly available in your account and awaiting payout. Remember, the prerequisite for payout is achieving at least EUR 100 in your panel.

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